Private Music Lessons

2023 Fall Music Courses will resume on August 21st.

Private Lessons

Recitals will be given at the end of the year in May. One makeup lesson per term will be granted to each student when 24-hour notice is given by email or phone call. Any lessons missed and rescheduled, excluding the one allotted makeup lesson, will be at the discretion of the teacher.

It is important that students be on time for lessons. Students who are 10 minutes (or more) late for their lesson will be considered a no-show and the student will forfeit their lesson. This will be considered an unexcused absence and the instructor is under no obligation to make it up. If running close to lesson time, please call the Academy for the Arts Office at 318.841.8428 while in transit. Communication is of the utmost importance.

If a student wishes to discontinue lessons, a 30-day written notice will be required. The student will be financially responsible for the lessons that occur during those 30 days from the date notice is given whether or not the student chooses to attend the lessons. A refund will be given for the remainder of lessons that occur after the 30 days if previously paid for. The Registration Fee is non-refundable.

Students participating in AFTA through First Baptist Church School MUST notify your AFTA instructor if your child will miss their lesson due to a school related event, at least 24 hours prior to the event.


Group Lessons/Ensembles

These classes consist of a fixed schedule of classes per term for which the student pays in advance. Because of the nature of the group class environment, we will not be able to issue refunds or reimbursements for missed lessons (excused or unexcused). We are not able to schedule makeup lessons for individuals who miss group lessons for any reason.

If the teacher is to be absent, without a substitute, on any given class day, the class will be notified ahead of time. This class will then be rescheduled at no additional cost to the student.

If the Academy must close due to weather or church-wide closure event, the class/lesson will be rescheduled at no additional cost to the student.


Regular practice is an essential element in refining musical/artistic talents. In order to receive the full benefit of instruction, the student is expected to practice daily the same amount as the lesson time. Based on the level of the student, practice time can range from 30 minutes to 3 hours a day. Our teachers will work with students to develop a practice schedule. Teachers will provide written lesson notes and practice instruction after every lesson. 

Enrollment in AFTA is competitive. AFTA reserves the right to remove a student if they show up consistently unprepared.

Practice Hints for Parents

  • Sit down with your child and look at his/her schedule. Choose a set time every day for practice. Encourage students to honor this time.
  • Provide a practice setting free of distractions such as TV, phone, personal electronics or interruptions from siblings.
  • Check your child’s assignment sheet at the beginning of the week to see the teacher’s comments and assignments for the week.
  • Check on your child’s progress throughout the week. Make sure he/she has accurately recorded the amount of practice time each day.
  • Make sure your child finishes any written assignments and is prepared for each lesson/class.
  • Teachers will make practice recommendations based on the individual student’s needs.


Student Recitals
At the Academy for the Arts at First Baptist Church of Shreveport, we consider recital performance an essential element in their development. The recital is also a wonderful opportunity for friends and family to celebrate what the students have learned, and is an incredibly affirming time for the students themselves. For these reasons, we consider the recital a requirement for their overall artistic experience. The student will come prepared to perform a specific piece(s) assigned by their teacher, from memory. The recital date is posted at the beginning of the Spring Term to give family and friends plenty of time to calendar the event. Please make it a priority to attend this wonderful event each term.

Tuition and Fees

Fall and Spring Terms – Mid-August through May

Students may choose from three payment options for Fall and Spring terms:

  • Paid in full by start of each term
  • Paid in monthly installments*
  • Enroll in auto draft*

Students enrolling after the start of a term will pay pro-rated tuition, based on start date of lessons. The Registration Fee will remain the same throughout the academic year.

Private Instruction

We offer lessons ranging from 30 – 60 minutes and at various times based on availability.

Audition Preparation

These four 30-minute or 60-minute private lessons are four consecutive weeks. No Registration Fee is required, but payment in full is required at time of registration.

Group Instruction

AFTA is in the process of developing group classes for a variety of instruments. Please check back with us on exciting future opportunities.

Lesson Preferences


Preferred Days:

*The last lesson begins at 5:30 pm

Billing Information

Please see Tuition and Fees for details.

Student Handbook

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