First Baptist Shreveport Chinese Mission

Chinese Class

The Chinese class start date will be announced soon and is sponsored by First Baptist Shreveport Chinese Mission.
Purpose: Popularize Chinese, service the community and spread the gospel.
: Chinese Language/cultures and worship songs.
Time: Sunday 1:30 pm-3:00 pm
Location: First Baptist Church Shreveport

First Baptist Shreveport Chinese Mission Class Rules  

  1. We are not equipped with certified nurses or doctors on site. We ask that at least one guardian per family stay in the church parlor in case of an emergency. Please pick up your child promptly when he has physical discomfort.
  2. The Chinese Teachers are working hard to make the Class enjoyable and fun. If your child is removed from the class for disruption, he will be immediately brought to you. If there are three dismissals, he will be suspended for that semester.
  3. The classrooms are sponsored by the First Baptist Church Shreveport. It is the obligation of all the students and parents to clean up those rooms and return all the settings after use. All the students are not allowed to use pianos or any church properties unless be instructed by someone in authorities.
  4. Parents, when dropping off your child for class please sign them in on the Attendance Roster. Only picking up your children with the pick-up tags given out during the registration process as well as signing your child out on the Attendance Roster before leaving. Parents please contact your teacher 24hrs in advance if the student will be absent, so that the teacher can plan a better teaching guideline according to the right ratio. The tuition is non-refundable once the class start.
  5. Please check for GroupMe and E-mails on a regular basis. Director/ Chinese teachers will send out extra studying materials and communication Festival details accordingly.
  6. Parents will help committing the students to the Brief Language Assessment before the First Class and honor the results. Students will be re-evaluated during classes. Class Adjustments and Transfers will be made only after Mid-Term Exam each semester.
  7. Parents consent and authorize FBS Chinese Mission to use theirs and their children’s photographs, video and any other digital media in all its publications.

I have read and fully understand the class rules above. By my signature below, I agree to follow all the terms.

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